Dams, Ponds and Stream Beds

Dam and Pond Construction

Dam and Pond Construction in NH Dam and pond construction is our niche domain, and frankly, one of our favorite project types. Perhaps it’s because each project in this category is very unique, has its own set of challenges and gives us the opportunity to employ our skill and creativeness. We evaluate the site conditions and collaborate with engineers to implement the best possible solutions to deliver a project that is compliant with rigorous regulations without the negative environmental impact, and importantly, performed efficiently – with customer’s budget in mind. Each year, we complete several pond and dam projects and the ability to think out-of-the-box with focus on the individual needs of each project earned us an excellent reputation among the project owners and engineers.


Dam and Pond Maintenance

In addition to new construction, we also specialize in maintenance services for existing dams and ponds. Dam reconstruction, replacement of structures and spillways, reinforcement of embankments, tree and bush clearing, dredging of ponds and waterways are the vital parts of responsible land ownership, and we are here to help.

Osgood Pond before dredging
Pond Dredging in NH
Osgood Pond after dredging
Pond Dredging in NH

Stream bed construction; Fish ladders; Wetland restoration

Stream bed construction in NH There are many specialty projects, set in fragile environmental conditions, that require very careful execution – possible only with deep experience and skill in handling of equipment and other resources. Time after time, The Mathewson Companies delivers these projects with competence, consistently earning owners’ satisfaction and engineers’ commendations.

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